Khloe Finally Opens Up About Tristan’s Act

Khloe has been in a dilemma after the cheating scandal. She has all the support from her sisters and she feels she’s very lucky to have them in her life. After Kim and Kylie, she has been the last sister to give birth to her baby but things have changed drastically at her end. In this hustle, she’s just concentrating on her newborn baby girl. As any type of tension is not good for her and the baby. The question still stands that will she be able to forgive Tristan for all his mistakes at the crucial time. Continue reading to know what she’s up to.

Khloe Denied The Cheating By Tristan


After the news of Tristan cheating on her was all over the internet, Khloe had her own things in her mind. She believed Tristan will have an explanation for all this.

Health Of Child Is Most Important



Amid the cheating scandals, Khloe had nothing to say and ignored people as she never wanted any type of tension. In her pregnancy condition these all things were not good for her and the baby, so she decided to not think about that though she was really affected by it.

Had Family Around


Though her sisters were on vacation, they rushed to Cleveland after getting to know the news of Tristan cheating on her. Khloe was really glad that she had her sisters around her when she needed them the most.

Did She Avoid Talking About Tristan Purposely?


Her recent post on social media was all about her sisters and how they have been there for her. We still are looking forward to Khloe speaking about Tristan, click next to know what Tristan has been doing to get Khloe back in his life.