It Seems No Man Can Satisfy Kim Kardashian: Khloe’s Gift To Kim Proves It!

The Mother's day celebration for every Kardashian mom was a very splendid affair. While all the mommies received amazing gifts from each other to celebrate motherhood, it seems Kim and Khloe are making it more special for each other. Both the sisters are recently involved in some controversy and it is a difficult time for both of them. Khloe's mother's day gift to Kim just proved that even the Kardashians need to relax. Read more to find out what Khloe gifted Kim for mother's day...

Kim Kardashian is already a mother of three kids!


The couple’s oldest daughter North is four years old and their second child Saint is two years old. Both these kids are all grown up now. In Kim Kardashian’s tweet, she mentioned about the three babies which looked alike.

Kim has been dealing with a lot of stress lately!


Kim has a lot on her plate now, instead of taking care of her kids she is busy taking care of her sisters and her husband Kanye. She explains, “My life is chaotic, so my home is super simple, everything has to be clean.”


Khloe gave a shocking gift to Kim to deal with her stress!


Khloe knows how much stress Kim is dealing with, she also knows how Kim helped her gain control of her relationship with Tristan back again. Khloe thanks Kim with the world’s most absurd gift, you won’t believe what it is. Find out on Next Page…