It Seems No Man Can Satisfy Kim Kardashian: Khloe’s Gift To Kim Proves It!

The Mother's day celebration for every Kardashian mom was a very splendid affair. While all the mommies received amazing gifts from each other to celebrate motherhood, it seems Kim and Khloe are making it more special for each other. Both the sisters are recently involved in some controversy and it is a difficult time for both of them. Khloe's mother's day gift to Kim just proved that even the Kardashians need to relax. Read more to find out what Khloe gifted Kim for mother's day...

Kim believes Kanye is having another major meltdown!


Kim is now a mother of three kids, she needs all the help and support from Kanye at this moment more than ever. But Kanye was busy going on a Twitter rant, Kim did not like what Kanye was up to and wanted him to stop it.

Kim is in a very tough spot now…


Kim really needs a break from all the controversies around her and wants to be alone for a while. Khloe gives Kim the perfect gift that she can enjoy alone!


Did Khloe just reveal Kim is unsatisfied in her relationship?


Khloe gifted Kim a bag full of penis-shaped candies and a big black toy, Kim was really amused with Khloe’s gift. Khloe also wrote a note saying, “Sometimes moms just have to take things into their own hands.”