Khloe Is Not Important To Kylie, Puts Her Butt On Display

Kylie Jenner recently became a mother and gave birth to the beautiful daughter on Feb 1. Like every other woman, even Kylie gained weight which she hated and hid her pregnancy from the world. But after her pregnancy, Kylie has bounced back in her pre-pregnancy body and looks. Despite Khloe’s current situation Kylie seems to be undistracted and posts sexy photos. Read more to see the pictures.

Kylie Jenner Giving Birth To Baby Stormi


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on February 1 welcomed their first daughter Stormi. Kylie and Travis are trying to manage the Co-parenting thing seems they are very successful in doing so. Kylie even has started posting many photos of baby Stormi on the social media.

Kylie Jenner Hid Her Pregnancy



Getting a weight gain during pregnancy is a normal thing but not for Kylie. She hated the weight gain due to which she tried to hide her pregnancy and only confirmed it on Feb 1 when she gave birth to Stormi.

Strick Diet And Weight Traning


Kylie Jenner Started training to get her pre-pregnancy body as soon doctor gave her the go signal. She trained very hard follow a rigorous training along with a strict diet to get her old body.

Kylie Ready For The Summers


Kylie Jenner recently posted a photo of her in a bikini outfit showing her post-pregnancy body ready for the summer. She has lost her weight so fast that many of people are jealous. Stay tuned to know more about Kylie Jenner on the next page…