Khloe Kardashian Cheers Tristan Thompson At Cavs Game Post Reunion

It’s official! The couple has finally got back to their Instagram life. After Khloe gave birth to her daughter everyone expected things to be rough between the NBA star and the 33-year-old, however, things turned out pretty different. It seems Khloe has forgiven Tristan and the couple is back together just after their short reunion it seems now Khloe is all with Mr. NBA star as she was recently spotted at the Cavs game to support her boyfriend. Read more to find Khloe’spictures.

The NBA star is back to the game yet there are no comments from him about his act


While Tristan Thompson was back in form just after a few days after the video of his cheating scandal surfaced the internet, as of yet there is no apology heard from his side related to his gruesome act nor any updates about his daughter.

The star seemed to have lost lady luck



The NBA star was benched after he was caught in controversy. According to sources “Tristan hasn’t been on form at all this season, he really hasn’t recovered fully from tearing his calf muscle last year, and he’s worried that his career is in a downward spiral.”

Now that they have reunited Tristan is back in action


However, it seems Tristan has finally got back his lady luck and is no more blamed by his fans for the loss of his team. Most people thought that the NBA star’s career will face a downfall.

Khloe was recently spotted with Tristan


Khloe Kardashian has made it clear that they have reunited after being seen together multiple times. The recent Cavs game made it official that the duo is back together. Find out pictures on the next page…