Khloe Kardashian Cheers Tristan Thompson At Cavs Game Post Reunion

Khloe had disappeared from the social media post boyfriend’s cheating scandal


Khloe had gone numb after the cheating scandal and while everyone hoped she would open up about it Khloe made sure her silence says it all. It seems she wanted Tristan more than anyone else and thus decided to forgive him.

Yet there are no updates from the star about her relationship status


Khloe has finally made appearances with her boyfriend yet she has not shared any official update about her relationship status with her fans.


While everyone hoped Khloe would break up with Tristan it seems they were wrong


Khloe was spotted out having lunch with Tristan and few friends. The couple was seen at the Town Hall restaurant in Cleveland on May 4. This cleared off the rumors that Khloe was not on talking terms with Tristan. Find out pictures of Khloe cheering Tristan on the next page..