Khloe Kardashian Faces Issues As Her Due Date Nears

Khloe is due anytime now and she just can’t wait to be over with it. Unlike sister Kylie who hated being non-plastic, Khloe embraced her pregnancy and loved it. She did not mind gaining those extra pounds and did not hide her body from her fans. Khloe stated that she was very lucky with her pregnancy as compared to her sisters. It seems now Khloe is facing some issues as her due date nears. Read more to know what happened.

Khloe had the most amazing pregnancy


Khloe is due ay time soon now and we really can’t wait too. Khloe’s pregnancy has been the most blissful time for her and she admits that she has been lucky having a loving and caring family and boyfriend.

Pink baby shower



Like her sisters, Khloe too had an amazing baby shower and we were all thrilled to watch the Pink themed shower. However, Khloe had a double bash as it was also her boyfriend NBA star Tristan Thompson’s birthday.

Khloe is all eager to hit the gym


Like all the Kardashian clan even Khloe is conscious about her physique and she can’t wait to get back to the gym and start training. Khloe is waiting for her baby to arrive and is very excited.

Moved to Cleveland for a peaceful time


Khloe has decided to give birth to her daughter in Cleveland which also happens to be Tristan’s hometown. She wants her baby to be born away from the cameras and limelight. Although the Kardashian sisters are not enthralled by her idea they respect her decision. However, Khloe is now facing some health issues just before she is due. Find out what is wrong with her on the next page.