Khloe Kardashian Faces Pregnancy Complications Amidst BF’s Cheating Scandal

Khloe has been facing some stressful situations recently as Tristan has been doing things which are really not good for her and the baby. The cheating scandal has got everyone’s attention and it’s really not acceptable just before Khloe’s baby about to arrive. There were reports that Khloe is in her labor. The family members are more than frustrated about the steps Tristan has taken to cheat on Khloe. Read more about the health of Khloe and the baby.

Tristan Was Seen With Mysterious Woman


During the visit to New York, Triston has been busy partying. He was seen on a rooftop bar where he was seen making out with some girls. The girl was even seeing the same hotel in which Tristan was staying the following evening.

Tristan Hiding Under The Hood



While in the party, Tristan was seen hanging out with some girls and was hiding under the hood of the white supreme jacket. He was seen making out with a mysterious girl.

Not The First Time Tristan Is Cheating


This isn’t the first cheating experience the two were seen in. Just a single month after they started dating in September 2016, it was revealed Thompson’s ex Jordan Craig was pregnant with his kid, inducing Kardashian was a homewrecker.

Khloe Has Been Facing Pregnancy Complications


There were reports of Khloe going into labor. She has been facing pregnancy issue since the child is about to arrive. These are the most crucial days for Khloe and this is not what is expected form, Tristan. Click next to read more about the complications which Khloe is facing.