Khloe Kardashian Finally Bans ‘KUWTK’ Cameras From Filming Her Baby’s Birth

Khloe Kardashian finally has got she wants. While the star had a peaceful pregnancy yet allowed KUWTK to film her entire journey it now seems she is bored of the limelight. She is finally looking forward with over caring boyfriend Tristan Thompson and is planning to settle down in Cleveland once her daughter is born. The Kardashian clan is really disappointed with Khloe's decision and now she has made her decision firm about the ban on KUWTK cameras from her delivery room. Read the article to know more...

Khloe wants to have a simple childbirth…


A source explained, “She’s the most down to earth of all the Kardashians and she wants a normal birth with no entourage, no cameras, no outrageous requests. She just needs a small room to herself, clean and neat.”

Khloe just wants her delivery to go smoothly.


She wants a peaceful childbirth, the source said, “That means her family should stay at home, which they’re fighting her on of course. They’re a little put out but she insists she just needs her baby daddy and her doctor in the room with her.”


Khloe is thinking of quitting the show!


An insider explained, “She wants her child to have a normal life. Khloe doesn’t want to do it after the baby comes, and Tristan is telling her that she doesn’t need to. He insists that they have more than enough money to live comfortably.”