Khloe Kardashian Gives Up On Fans For Her Relationship With Tristan

Tristan received a lot of backlash on his Instagram post after the cheating video was exposed


Tristan Thompson’s Instagram photos were flooded with more than 270,000 comments from fans after news broke that he cheated on Khloé. Thompson has since deleted the snapshot, although he did not disable the comments on his account.

Khloe disabled comments on her Instagram account


The KUWTK star has barred her 75.6 million followers from weighing in on her relationship on Wednesday, May 2, two days after sister Kim Kardashian unfollowed Thompson, on social media. Khloé disabled comments on Instagram photos of herself and her boyfriend.


Khloe is not ready to make a decision



According to sources, Khloe is “not ready to make a decision” about their relationship. “If there wasn’t a child involved, Khloé would have kicked Tristan to the curb. Seeing him with their daughter only complicates things … She alone will determine the status of their relationship. Right now, there is no timetable.”