Khloe Kardashian Poses With Baby Bump In Sexy Lingerie

The pregnant diva Khloe Kardashian is due soon and is all excited to become a mom for the first time. It seems she has got everything under control and is all set for the baby to arrive. From designing the nursery to deciding name Khloe has been ahead of everything. She is under the good care of loving and protective boyfriend and family. The gorgeous mommy-to-be did not let fans disappointed throughout her journey and this time she shared an amazing and sexy picture with a baby bump and ( of course) posing in lingerie. Read more to find her pictures.

Khloe’s Pregnancy


Khloe was waiting for this moment in her life and wants her pregnancy to be the most amazing experience of her life. It’s a first child for Khloe with Tristan.

News Of The Baby



The couple broke the news of her pregnancy in the month of September. Khloe and Tristan looked really happy as it was their first child.

The Pink Themed Baby Shower


Finally, the 33-year-old gets her own baby shower on March 10th. She was really excited about the baby shower it was a pink themed party which was attended by all the family member and friends.

Everyone Wore Shades Of Pink


As the theme was all pink, all the members which came to attend the event wore shades of pink. all the ladies looked really amazing wearing those shade. Click next to read about her recent Insta uploads and how she’s promoting her clothing line.