Khloe Kardashian Reveals Why It Is Stressful To Be Pregnant In L.A



Plans Of Giving Birth In Cleveland


Khloe has been planning to give birth to her baby girl in Cleveland for the last few months. She even told fans in December 2017 that she’ll be relocating from California, just so that she can live her boyfriend Triston who plays for Cavaliers.

Her previous Updates On Her App


The same month some publication who published her news for the pregnancy, She admitted on her app that moving in with someone is really a big step in a relationship.


To Be Mom To Shared Pictures


She recently shared some pictures on Snapchat with some adorable presents including three rabbit dolls and several children’s notebooks. She is all set and prepared for the baby now. However, she still finds it is stressful being pregnant in L.A. Read on the next page to find out why?