Khloe Reveals How Her Grandmother Picked True Thompson’s Name

Khloe Kardashian’s baby name has created a lot of drama since day one and a lot of people criticized Khloe for True’s name. Also a lot of disappointed was bought to Khloe’s way after True’s last name was taken after cheating NBA star Tristan Thompson. Now Khloe gives more insights into the story behind True’s name and how Khloe’s Grandmother is related to the name. Read more to know the entire story.

Khloe Kardashian has been part of a lot of controversies lately


Although the Kardashian’s love drama sometimes things really get out of control. When it comes to their kids the women make sure they are safe and not caught up in wrong things. On the off chance if they do the moms are always at the rescue. Khloe’s daughter True had been facing this a lot lately after the radar was diverted from Stormi.

After NBA star’s cheating scandal fans expected Khloe to leave Tristan



While everyone wanted Khloe to leave Tristan Khloe did the exact opposite and stayed put in Cleveland. Khloe did not pay heed to her family’s wishes and made sure she stood by Tristan’s side.

To make things worse she even named her daughter “True Thompson”


Khloe named her daughter True Thompson and lot of people taught the name True was a taunt for Tristan’s behavior. However, a lot of people were disappointed with the last name Thompson after the NBA star’s cheating spree.

Now Khloe describes how her grandmother had a major role in finalizing True’s name


Although Kris Jenner was smart as always when the criticism of True’s name was starting to rise she revealed the True reason behind it. Now Khloe decides to reveal more parts of the story and how grandma MJ had the major role in it. Read more to find out the answer on the next page.