Khloe And Tristan Take Major Steps To Rekindle Lost Romance

Khloe went through a lot with Tristan’s act and was deeply hurt. The mom still remained on her boyfriend’s side while the NBA star was busy on his cheating spree. Khloe is still stationed in Cleveland and has finally forgiven Tristan. Although Tristan is back to being his old self-everyone is hoping he doesn’t repeat the act again. Now that things are settled between the two partners it seems both Khloe and Tristan are taking major steps to rekindle their lost romance. Read the article to know about their plans..

Khloe recently became a mom in the most undesired circumstances


Khloe gave birth to a healthy baby on 12th April with her family by her side. While the mom was struck with grief with her boyfriend’s act just days before baby True was due.

Khloe has finally made peace with Tristan



It was initially stated that Khloe was not on talking terms with Tristan and this hurt him a lot. However, Khloe has finally forgiven Tristan and they are both back and happy together.

Khloe directed the rage of her family as well as fans for her love


Khloe even went against her family and fans and took back Tristan. Khloe has disappointed fans and family greatly and still hasn’t given any update as to what led her to take such steps.

Now even Tristan is taking steps to get the old love-life back with Khloe


The couple is now taking steps to get back their Instagram perfect life and we are all eager to know what they might do next! Find out details on the next page.