Kim Kardashian Directs Hatred With Topless Photo Taken By North

The Kardashian’s have a huge fandom and leave no stone unturned to enthrall their fans every now and then. With the pregnancy and birthing drama going all over another news has hit the internet hard. Kim Kardashian has made it to the news again but this time it was for a much more controversial reason. The KUWTK star posted a revealing image of herself on Thursday which has landed a lot of criticism for the star. Read the whole story to know more.

Kim Kardashian




The famous reality TV star and model is well known for her controversial internet pictures. None the less they do earn her a lot of publicity at the same time they also attract some negative criticism.


Viral Selfie


This time, however, the involvement of her 4-year-old daughter has got the mom into a negative perspective and is generating negative outrage on the internet. While the loyal supporters still adore it we are eager what Kim has to say about it.

Kim Is Well Known For Posting Such Pictures


Recently Kim posted a photo of her taken in front of a mirror in a dimly-lit background and it was topless. The picture gained controversies immediately from fans, not because of the contents-topless but for another reason. Read next to know what happened.