Kim Kardashian Discloses A Shocking Wish In Her Will

The Kardashian’s most controversial yet famous and most loved diva Kim K is always spotted flawless. The makeup mogul is always found with the perfect makeup. Even when she clicks selfies with her kids her makeup is to the point. The makeup mogul has a vast empire and no doubt anyone with this fame and money would require a will to make sure it is spelled correctly. Recently Kim has made a shocking wish in her will and we are all eager to know what it is.

Super Mommy


The KUWTK star is indeed a super mommy. While managing her home front she also makes sure she has her businesses in control. The mother of three is very particular about her kids and her husband as well.

Kim is indeed a versatile woman



Along with taking care of three kids, the mother of three starts her day with a workout, filming the family’s hit KUWTK television show along with maintaining her apps and website. She also models her husband Kanye’s clothes around town and studying about products for her makeup line.

Self Care


Even in her busy schedule, she manages to keep her things up to date. She’s very particular about her hair and makeup. Kim keeps a check on her skin, even if it requires a late night appointment.

Her Everyday Problem


Kim has so many things to do in a day that she takes only 10 minutes when she’s doing her own makeup as she doesn’t have much time and kids keep running around. Click next to read how her motherhood changed her.