Kim Kardashian Is Highly Disappointed With Sister Khloe

Nobody can deny the fact that what Tristan has done with Khloe is unacceptable. The condition in which Khloe had to face so much stress just because of Tristan was the most important situation for the baby. Her sisters were the one who stood next to her at the tough times. Now is the time Khloe to decide whether she wants to live with her cheating boyfriend or not. Kardashian family is still angered by the basketball player Triston Thompson. Continue reading what the family wants Khloe to do when it comes to her relationship with Triston.

Khloe Allowed Tristan In Delivery Room


Even after listening to so many reports about Triston who was caught cheating her with multiple women, Khloe allowed Tristan to be in the delivery room when she was giving birth to her daughter True.

Kim Has Been There For Khloe



Be it the hard times or the times when it’s really hard for the Khloe, Kim has always been there for her. She has this special thing for Khloe and she cares about her really much.

Khloe’s Past


Kim watched what occurred with Lamar and she declines to sit back while Khloe is dealt with seriously once more. Kim wants her to be in safe hands now and she’s all furious over Tristan.

Kim Upset With Khloe


Kim Kardashian is smoldering with her sister Khloe for not having the guts to kick Tristan Thompson to the control after he was caught cheating on her different multiple times. Click next to read more about Kim and what she wants Khloe to do.