Kim Kardashian Is Angry With Tristan’s Actions

Kardashian have been there for each other and always stand for the one who is in need among the family members. As the news is blasting on the internet about how Tristan is seen cheating on Khloe, there have been things which Khloe is not able to accept. Khloe is shutting everybody out when people are trying to reach her. Now her mom Kris Jenner and sister Kim is on vacation and these things are making it worse. Read more about how things Kim reacted to the news.

Khloe And Tristan


Khloe and Tristan have been dating since 2016 and have appeared to have an upbeat relationship up until Tristan’s claimed to trick cheat scandal.

Kim Not Happy By Tristan Moves



The news is all over the internet about the cheating and Kardashian family is all baffled by the incident. Kim is not happy about Triston’s night out with another woman at the time when Khloe is set to give birth to the baby girl.

Kim Can’t Believe Triston Disrespecting Khloe


Kim is angry over Tristan disrespecting Khloe, she can’t believe he would overlook Khloe like this when she is weeks from bringing forth his child.

Worst Time To Hurt Khloe


Kim is furious over Tristan because now is the worst possible time for Triston to hurt Kim’s little sister for whom she’s very protective and doesn’t take anything against her. Click next to read more about the situations which Kim doesn’t want Khloe to face.