Kim Kardashian Trolled By The Internet After Major Photoshop Fail

It’s not only Kim who has been slammed for using photoshop for her paparazzi pictures. There are so many of them who use photoshop and are targeted by the fans. Kim has been using photoshop for her lot of pictures and fans locate some or the other glitch in that picture. The Kardashian sisters are always involved in photoshop controversies and this time it was Kim who was caught by her eagle-eyed fans. Read more to find her photoshopped picture.

Kardashian’s Slammed


There are times when a member of the Kardashian family gets caught for using photoshop. Fans take no time to notice a change in the picture and Kardashian’s are immediately trolled online.

Kim’s Recent Upload



Kim Kardashian shared a photograph of herself wearing a peach Yeezy coat over a dark sports bra and bike shorts to her Instagram and it caught fire for something crazy in the background.

Reason For Getting Slammed


The picture which was shared by her on Instagram had something unusual in the background. The car behind her looked squished too much, it was unrecognizable.

Kim Was Called Out For Photoshopping Her Picture


Fans of 37-year-old reality star called out for her as they noticed something unusual in the picture which was shared by her. Some of them even commented “What happened to the car at the back” and “This is obviously edited”. Click next to read more the original picture and the edited one.