These Facts You Have To Know Before You Step Into A Fast Food Restaurant

It is a question of your health that you compromise, taste is all that we fall, think again..!!

Oooo..!! What is cooking…???


Tastes bud tingling with anticipation is a ‘Marketing strategy’ to get customers in a queue for making flavored dishes that tempt & using spices that are never disclosed to customers. Some places leave their kitchen doors open for this purpose.

Just a Coke please..Or Tea.. but where is Water??


In fast food places, sodas are normally cheaper than tea. This is because they want people to buy more sodas: it is impossible to quench thirst with a sweet soda (and you will buy it again and again). Also, carbon dioxide stimulates the appetite. More over they keep less of water & more of sodas. Water(H2O) subsides thirst & heat of the body whereas soda increases it as it contains gas of (CO2) and Sodium hydroxide (NaOH).