These Facts You Have To Know Before You Step Into A Fast Food Restaurant

It is a question of your health that you compromise, taste is all that we fall, think again..!!

How well do you know the ‘French Fries’ that come in your plate..?


The Potatoes used in are the basic one’s. Where as the other 18 are some fats, additives, and flavor enhancers, making this food  harmful by rising cholesterol. The oil used is not changed till the end of the day & is repeatedly used, till it turns Burned Black Oil.

Watch not just your time but their’s as well


Usually restaurants that start early are not set for the day’s service so it is advised not go to these fast food places right after their opening time, as they clean up their kitchen equipment’s with aggressive chemicals, that mixes with your food & food tray as well that just come from the sink of the kitchen.