We may know many unfamiliar words and their definitions from the dictionary but do you know there are many words in the urban dictionary which have such hilarious definitions that will make you laugh lie crazy. Read the article to know what these hilarious definitions are.

1. Textra-terrestrial


According to the urban dictionary the word Textra-terrestrial means a person or people who are are technologically impaired. It is similar to extra-terrestrial but related to humans and their lack of tech awareness.

2. Literally


The word “Literally” has always been confused with the word  “figuratively”, for example: “I was literally pissing myself laughing”.

3. Nickelbacking.


No!! we are not actually talking about Nickelback here! Nickelbacking is the act of willfully allowing one’s ears to bleed. Sounds really hilarious and offensive doesn’t it!?

4. Going Screensaver


You must have noticed your co-workers dozing off or sleeping in the office? In fact you must have done it yourself! When a person sleeps off in the office it is called “Going Screensaver”.

5. Facebook necrologist


This is a brilliant term used to describe a person who jumps a the chance to use “RIP” in a Facebook status update each and every time a celebrity passes away. I had no idea about this one!

6. Defensive Eating


Now i’am sure everyone has that one person he/she knows who eats everthing in front of him/her just so you don’t get to eat all of it!

7. Bobot


This is one of the most hilarious and offensive definitions ever, a “Bobot” is a redneck who also happens to be a robot. This particular type of robot is suited to manual labour-type tasks and cooking a barbeque.

8. Store d’oeuvres


You will like this one! if you have ever been to a mall and you came across those stall who sell free sample to you so that you buy their product!? These people are called “store d’oeuvres”.

9. Vaguebooking.

Vaguebooking is a word that describes people who intentionally seek attention just like a Facebooker posts a vague status to prompt friends to ask what is wrong.

10. Googlical Proportions


The word Googlical Proportions is used when a private matter becomes public, so public that it can be found on Google.