It is very difficult to understand our human brain, or control the actions of our brain. Thus we can say our human brain cannot be trusted sometimes. To prove this theory here are 10 optical illusions that will make you look twice. Read the article to see these illusions.

1. Magic dots.

Look at this picture you will notice these dots look like they are changing the colour, but focus on one and you’ll notice they are not.

2. Did you see that!!?

If you look carefully at this picture, you just have to stare at the cross in the center and then watch the blank spot. You will notice that the color is changing.

3. Illusion.

If you look at this picture carefully you will notice that the park looks like a giant 3D globe, but actually, it is made on a flat surface. Awesome isn’t it!?

4. Are the sizes of both the oranges equal?

What do you think? See on the next page!

5. Surprise! They are of the same size.

6. Concentrate.

All you have to do in this picture is stare at yellow dot for 10 seconds, then bring your head closer to the screen, the pink rings will rotate.

7. Stare at this swirling image for 30 seconds, then scroll down.

8. look at this image from Inception.

How trippy can this get!

9. Mind blowing.

Now look at this picture you will notice that one color from this image does not exist.

10. Which one is the right pair of eyes?

Confused are you?? Keep looking!