Know How It’s Like To Date Someone With Mental Illness

This is a very handle with care thing, with the difficult parts of someone, who is already broken from inside. These broken pieces have to be taken care of every time. These should not be taken for granted or neglected. A relationship with someone who mentally ill is itself a challenge. You so want that person to be happy because you love them, but sometimes feel shattered as they fail to stand when you need the emotional support. Have a look and know how it is to date someone who is fighting their own problems.

1. Understanding their frame of mind is not easy


When it comes to understanding someone who has an idea about it. But if you judge a person who is mentally ill, it can be a big mistake as you don’t know what kind of trauma is haunting them.

2. They get pissed off in a jiffy



Be careful with the situation you create for them as anything can turn them into a furious person. It just takes a moment for them to fuse out their brain and they are ready to be a backlash.

3. Cancellation of plans is very frequent


Because of the mood swings they don’t know what they want at that moment. So, there are chances that you get sacked for the plan every now and then.

4. Adrenaline Rush


It truly feels like a swing of emotions, it when the heights bring delight and any low totally seems to be a bore. You are simply overwhelmed when they show you love as they love the adrenalin rush, so do you. Click next and don’t miss out on a single thing.