Do You Know Miss Trunchbull From ‘Matilida’ Looks Like Today?

The responsibility of playing the evil principal Miss Trunchbull was taken up brilliantly by Pam Ferris in the 1996 film Matilda, directed by actor Danny DeVito. Yes she was very scary in the movie but you will be surprised to see how she looks now! Read the article to know how she looks.

Ferris points out.


“Not having children isn’t a sadness in my life, though I know I wouldn’t have been a half-bad mother, but that’s what happened. There’s no regretting it,” Ferris admits.

Married to actor Roger Frost.


Pam made an appearance in “The Bourne Identity”, “Notting Hill”, and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Ferris began her career as a dancer and choreographer and now she enjoys dancing with her husband to music by Amy Winehouse and David Bowie.