Know Why Kim Kardashian Deleted All Her Instagram Pictures

The goddess of sheer dresses, Kim Kardashian, recently got the world to go 'Aww' on her Christmas Instagram pictures which she revealed to her fans and followers as Christmas cards. It was shocking when all the lovable pictures vanished from her official record. Why? the evening of the finale on which she shared the card was expected to be more amazing, yet Kim committed a mistake, and she needed to pay for it by erasing all the photographs of that night. So what exactly went wrong? let's find out.

The Reason Is Kylie Jenner

As Kim portrayed the super-hit story of Christmas cards for a long time, it worked out that great finale (Christmas day) wasn’t the way her fans and followers expected, all thanks to Kylie Jenner.

Kylie’s Pregnancy News


Fans were hopeful that they will finally get a chance to see a baby bump on a grand Christmas day, but none of the pictures had Kylie. This is the reason that caused a massive backlash from fans.

Several Fans Of Kylie Commented On Kim’s Pictures



Fans were so disappointed that they commented on Kim’s picture “Mrs Kanye West might have shown a pregnant Kylie Jenner, but she did not. ‘You played us.”