Kourtney Kardashian Is Extremely Angry With Scott For Taking Her Kids On A Vacation With Sofia

Kourtney Kardashian has been really furious with Scott and Sofia these days. She is giving the lovers a real hard time lately. The sole reason behind it being Kourtney’s kids. It was revealed before that Kourtney wants Sofia away from her kids and had warned her regarding the same. It seems Scott Disick is not gonna listen to Kourtney’s warnings after all. Recently he took kids on one more trip with Sofia and it has made the mom really furious. Read more to know what she said.

Trouble Brewing For Scott


It seems Scott likes to be the center of controversies and enjoys it a lot. The star is dating 19-YO Sofia Richie and their steamy affair is often commented upon by many.

Kourtney Is Furious



Kourtney has long broken up with ex-baby daddy Scott Disick and does not care about anything he does. But when it comes to their kids Mason and Penelope, 8 and 5 respectively, Kourtney is all concerned and worried.

Major Fight


Initially just a few days ago a fight broke out between the two exes when Kourtney clearly mentioned that she does not like Scott’s girlfriend Sofia around the kids.

Sofia Is A Bad Influence On The Kids


Kourtney has no issue with Scott dating Sofia, however, she does mind her presence around their kids she thinks Sofia is a bad influence on the kids and therefore does not want the kids to be near her. However, despite warnings, Scott has repeated his mistake but this time on a major scale find out on the next page…