Kourtney Kardashian Furious Over Sofia For Decorating Scott’s New Home

Scott Disick is really getting involved with Sofia Richie, as he was on a vacation with his with his kids. Kourtney has been going crazy over Scott taking the kids to a place where he has a notorious past. It was a big thing for Kortney that Disick took the kids outside the country. It’s been really hard for Kortney to take the fact that Scott is dating a younger girl as she doesn’t want her kids to be around a person who is too young to handle them. Read more below to know what is bothering Kourtney.

Sofia Being Interior Decorator


Sofia Richie, 19, is filling the role of an inside decorator for Scott Disick’s new home, yet one person isn’t so happy with what she’s doing. Who else could it be, any guesses?

How Kourtney Is Handling Things



Kourtney Kardashian has been handling all these news in silence. After the news that Sofia is all set to decorate Scott’s new home, Kourtney has been going crazy.

Kourtney Going Crazy


Sofia is helping Scott select the colorway, furniture and making all the other interior designing decisions for his newest home, and it’s making Kourtney insane.

Scott Is Making Sofia Feel At Home


Scott is making Sofia feel extremely welcome at his new home, and he needs her to feel like this will be her home, as well, so he is giving her free rule on a significant number of the design choices, which Sofia is loving. Click next to read how Kourtney has been reacting over Sofia taking control over things which belonged to her once.