Kourtney Kardashian Seems To Be Heart Broken: Shares Message With Fans

No Surprise When Kourtney Is Talking About Her Body


The greater part of the Kardashians is somehow body-driven. Kylie and Khloe experienced well-known changes. Kim made a headline with a sex tape and later broke the web. Kendall is an expert supermodel. For Kourtney, it is by all accounts for an obsession.

Height Doesn’t Matter


The way that she has the bodyweight of a kid isn’t exclusively the consequence of her being the tallness of one – at 5-foot-0.


Obsession With Fitness


Kourtney has been really particular about her diet and exercise. She has an obsession with fitness and doesn’t forget to take care of her body and follows her routine regularly. Click next to reads the poem which Kourtney shared.