Kris Jenner To Ban Kardashian Family From Appearing On Wendy William’s Show

Wendy Williams has been going super hard on the Kardashian/Jenners sisters. We have exclusive details on how mother Kris is restricting them from showing up on her show. In the past, they were on great terms but not any longer. Furthermore, they're making it must and requesting that every one of their friends blacklist her show also. They would love to see her crossed out and off the air.

Their Friends To Boycott Her Show?


After Kris told her family members to not attend or entertain Wendy if at all you came across her. Kris is also asking her dear ones to boycott Wendy’s show as she would love to see her canceled and off air.

Past Relations With Wendy


There was a time when Wendy and Kardashian’s were on good terms. Back in 2011 Kim and Kourtney appeared on her show. The following year Kourtney returned with Khole to promote them taking the Hamptons on E!.


Their Celebrity Status


Things have changed since then because their family has grown so much now that they don’t go to these type of shows now. They only interview with the shows like Ellen. Turn next to know more.