Kris Jenner To Ban Kardashian Family From Appearing On Wendy William’s Show

Wendy Williams has been going super hard on the Kardashian/Jenners sisters. We have exclusive details on how mother Kris is restricting them from showing up on her show. In the past, they were on great terms but not any longer. Furthermore, they're making it must and requesting that every one of their friends blacklist her show also. They would love to see her crossed out and off the air.

What Wendy Had To Say About Kim


Wendy said during her hot topic session that Kim just wants to be in the spotlight and Kanye doesn’t pay attention to her at all. Kim is just too desperate for all the limelight said, Wendy.

Her Words On Kylie’s Pregnancy


When Wendy got the news of Kylie’s pregnancy, she just got one thing to say to people, how young she’s to be a mother. She also predicted that Travis will bail on her after the baby arrives.


Obvious Reasons For Hatred


There are many reasons for the Kardashians to feel so terrible by Wendy William’s show. After hearing Wendy’s words they didn’t have an option other than boycotting her show.