Kylie And Kourtney Enjoy Coachella After Khloe’s Delivery

While Khloe has recently given birth to her and Tristan’s daughter on April 12. With all the family members sending their blessings, there are also rumors that they don’t care about their sister Khloe since Kylie and Kourtney are out for the Coachella festival. Stay tuned to know the complete story and why they don’t care about Khloe.

Khloe Giving Birth


On April 12 around 4 am in the morning Khloe gave birth to her baby daughter. Khloe gave birth to her daughter at the Ohio hospital with her sisters by her side.

Tristan Cheating On Khloe



Tristan’s cheating on Khloe with Lani Blair was revealed through a leaked video by some unknown person. During her pregnancy, Tristan’s cheating scandal shocked everyone and every person is angry with Tristan.

Still Allowed in the Delivery room


With all the fuss about Tristan and Khloe going on and everyone angry with him. Tristan was still given the permission to enter the delivery room during the birth of his daughter.

Looks Like Sisters Don’t Care About Khloe


With all the problem between Khloe and Tristan and birth of their child seems her sister don’t care about her. Ender sister Kourtney and Kylie have been seen at the California desert for the 2018 Coachella Music Festival. Stay tuned to read the complete story on the next page…