Why Kylie Doesn’t Want To Go On A Date Night With Travis?

There no hiding that Kylie is taking things very seriously when it comes to baby Stormi. She's becoming a perfect mother which nobody expected. Kylie and Travis are so busy taking their first child's care they have forgotten about their own time. The parenthood is on their mind and they are enjoying it. But as we all need some time with our partner after this stressful responsibilities. Travis is trying to take Kylie out for a date night but Kylie has something else on her mind, Read more below.

Travis’s Attempt To Take Her Out


Travis is actually trying really hard to take Kylie out for a date night so that they can enjoy a night together away from the responsibilities. Kylie, on the other hand, isn’t ready to leave her daughter yet.

All For Motherhood


Although Kylie must have enjoyed going out and partying, now as the priorities have changed, she has given up everything just for the motherhood. She isn’t missing going out and all the parties.


In Love Totally


Kylie has immense love for her baby Stormi. She can’t even entertain leaving her with somebody even for few hours. This is what you call true motherhood. Click Next.