Why Kylie Doesn’t Want To Go On A Date Night With Travis?

There no hiding that Kylie is taking things very seriously when it comes to baby Stormi. She's becoming a perfect mother which nobody expected. Kylie and Travis are so busy taking their first child's care they have forgotten about their own time. The parenthood is on their mind and they are enjoying it. But as we all need some time with our partner after this stressful responsibilities. Travis is trying to take Kylie out for a date night but Kylie has something else on her mind, Read more below.

Not Only Kylie Who Is Possessive


Not only Kylie but Travis is also is also someone who’s extra-protective towards the baby. Travis is also feeling the parental need to keep baby Stormi safe.

Emotional Connection


Travis is so emotionally connected to Stormi that whenever he sees her his heart melts. The biggest connection of Travis is his best quality as a new dad.


Ever Since Stormi Is Born


Travis has been going through different types of emotional feelings. This started when he first saw baby Stormi after the birth.