At the point when there’s a surprise as large as two pregnancies,the Kardashian’s are always unique. The result of this can be seen on a two episode screening of  Keeping Up With the Kardashians, exceptional isn’t it? This was the reason why the Kardashian family remained tight lipped about Kylie. The current week’s up and coming scenes have left many to think if Kylie Jenner would declare her pregnancy on the show.

Fans Thinking About The Pregnancy


Completely shocked with tears from Malika and a happy looking Kylie Jenner on FaceTime, fans are certain it must be the ideal time to report the youngest Jenner’s pregnancy.

Other Possibilities


Keeping up with Kardashian’s  news, it could really be another beauty line or maybe a response to an awful joke made by Caitlyn Jenner.

The Episode Full Of Surprises


All things considered, the surprise is obviously so enormous that the system required two entire episode to reveal it.

Will She Reveal Her Pregnancy?


As of now, it’s hard not to trust Kylie is finally going to affirm that she’s preggers, yet when you see what she’s up to in the promo, you’ll be 95% sure that it’s actually happening.

At The End Of The Trailer


Toward the finish of the trailer, all the Kardashians and family companions are assembled in a backyard and they appear FaceTiming with happy Kylie before they seem shocked after something.

What Exactly Will Be The Surprise


After Khloe confirmed her pregnancy last month, what else could this huge Kylie announcement moment be other than Kylie affirming her pregnancy to the world?

No High Hopes


However, how about we not get our expectations up too high. The scene could be about Khloe’s pregnancy. It is Khloe FaceTiming with Kylie toward the finish of the promo, so she could be enlightening Kylie concerning her child on the way.

Narrator’s Comment About The Episode


In a promo for the two-night special, the storyteller can be heard saying, “the family has news so huge we require Sunday and Monday just to cover it.”