Kylie Jenner To Finally Hire Nannies For Stormi After Insisting She Wouldn’t

As being a mother for the first time Kylie Jenner has been really particular about taking care of the baby. Just after the baby was born she started asking people who were coming to meet baby Stormi to wear a mask as she didn’t want any kind of germs to enter the surrounding of the baby. The co-parenting thing between Travis and Kylie has been going really good till now and Kylie has been taking care of Stormi by herself. She was totally against hiring nannies for the baby, now that fact has changed totally.

Finally Hiring Nannies


It looks like finally, Kylie has decided to hire nannies for baby Stormi. She was totally against that and wanted to take care of her by herself.

Raising Her Child By Herself



During Kylie’s pregnancy, the makeup mogul said that she’ll take care and raise her baby by herself without any help from nannies.

Things Over Her Head


Since the birth of her child, though she was busy doing things for Stormi it was totally going over her head. She recently hired a significant amount of help.

What Is Right And What Is Wrong


We all know how good mother Kylie has been till now. She at least can admit when she’s right and when she’s wrong in making decisions. Click next.