Kylie Jenner Gets Lip Fillers: Are They Safe According To Doctors??

Kylie has been really particular about the baby girl ever since she was born. The makeup mogul has taken a filler injection in the past because of her insecurities. In her recent pictures, it was seen as if she had taken a filler injection recently just after the birth of baby Stormi. Will it be safe to take these type of injections and breastfeed baby Stormi? Read more to know what doctors have to say about it.

Kylie Recently Seen In LA


Kylie was recently seen in LA with some changes in her appearance. The changes were seen on her lips, as she appeared to have the plumpest pout she’s ever been seen with.

Khloe’s Baby Shower



In Khloe’s baby shower, Kylie appeared with some changes which showed she had done something with her lips. There were pictures which indicated towards taking lip fillers.

Questions About Taking Another Lip Filler


Kylie’s appearance made people question about with her go-to-surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione in Beverly Hills. Did she go for the filler just after baby Stormi’s birth?

Check Her Latest Look


After so many questions asked about her recent look, it was mandatory to check with a surgeon if Kylie’s latest look was the result of the latest round of lip injections. What could be the reason behind her current appearance? Click next to read.