Kylie Jenner Could Keep The Baby Away From Travis

After the big news of Kylie given birth to a baby girl, things didn't end up as it could have been. Now that Kylie is a mother of a baby girl she's all possessive about her child. The day when she gave birth to Stormie things did end up on a happy note. Something happened between Kylie and Travis and it turned into a fight just after giving birth to the baby girl Stormie. Kylie can also keep her child away from Travis but how? Let's go through the article.

Not Letting Him See His Daughter


After the fight, she has all the rights to not let Travis meet his daughter Stormie. As the couple doesn’t have a custody agreement which works in Kylie’s Favour.

Not Having A Custody Agreement


Since they didn’t sign a custody agreement the father can only hope that the mother will be nice and let the father meet his child. Regular visits and enough time with the child as and when they want to.


Raising The Child


Kylie has planned to raise the child in her Calabasas mansion where the baby already has massive clothes and shoe closet equivalent to a small apartment. Click Next for more.