Kylie Jenner Makes Sure She Stays On Top Despite Khloe’s Troubles

Kylie Has Given Enough Time to Gym


While some are convinced Kylie’s had work done since bringing forth girl Stormi Webster in February, there’s no denying she invests some effort at the gym too, just take a gander at her arm muscle.

Twitter Comments


Just after the video was released of her showing off her new post-baby figure, many Twitter fans commented “Kylie Jenner’s post-baby body is sooooo unrealistic. Must be nice having money,” and more comments like “Kylie Jenner flexing her body like if she worked for that shit lmfaoo.”


Kylie Still Looks Fantastic


Kylie unquestionably looks incredible and she’s been cherishing displaying her new body on the web. Just yesterday she shared an Instagram of herself swaggering her stuff in a skin-tight Fendi outfit while pushing Stormi’s stroller.