Kylie Jenner Posted Yet Another Picture Of Daughter And It Is Really Adorable!

The Makeup mogul was very adamant about keeping her pregnancy secret and made it difficult for us even to get her glimpse. Let alone her baby bump picture she did not reveal baby pictures even after giving birth to her girl. The overprotective mother finally obliged to fan’s demands and finally posted pictures of her baby but to everyone’s disappointment were not able to get the glimpse of the baby girl’s face. This time Kylie had posted more pictures and they are the best ever to date. Read more to see the pictures.

Kylie’s Best Moment As A Mother


Kylie has been really careful with her daughter whom she gave birth to on 1st Feb. She shared her pregnancy journey with her fans and really growing as a mother.

Extra Protective When It Comes To Baby Stormi



Kylie has been really protective for baby Stormi. She didn’t allow people to meet her without wearing a mask. She wanted her to be away from any type of infection.

Enjoyed Every Moment Of Motherhood


There’s no doubt Kylie enjoyed each and every moment¬†of her motherhood. She admits her experience to be “perfect” and there was no worst part of it. She did miss eating sushi though.

Stormi Bonding With Kylie’s Bff


Kylie is loving how Stormi is bonding up with her BFF Jordyn Woods, Grandmother MJ, and other family members. Kylie has so many new things coming up in her life with Stormi and she’s totally loving it. Click next to know the new found love of Kylie.