Now that Kylie has moved on from Tyga and has become a mother of Travis’s child there’s nothing like looking in the past for her. Though Tyga claimed and asked for a paternity test related to the baby that didn’t do well with him. Now that there’s nothing left for Tyga to get Kylie back. Tyga has recently released an album which is completely based on Kylie. She is secretly happy about this fact. Let’s read what else Kylie had to say or react to.

Tyga’s New Album


It totally looks like Tyga is pulling a total Taylor Swift by dedicating his new upcoming album ‘Kyoto’ to his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

His Relationship With Kylie


Tyga after the breakup with Kylie has turned himself being more productive. He says his relationship with Kylie has inspired his music.

Kylie’s Reaction


Kylie has moved on and is now dating Travis Scott, but she’s by Tyga’s gestures. Kylie is well aware that Tyga’s new album is about her.

Tyga Has Been Sending Lyrics To Kylie


After his album was ready he has been sending lyrics of his songs to Kylie for months. Kylie is secretly flattered as the whole album is dedicated to her. For Travis’s reaction to this, click next.

What Will be Travis’s Reaction


For Kylie, this may be really sweet and flattering but we are still not aware of the reaction which Travis is going to give on this.

Will Kylie Admit The Flattering Fact?


Kylie actually cannot admit to the fact that she’s flattered about the whole album thing. Kylie and Travis are actually doing good, and it’s a massive sore spot for him.

Currently No Reaction To This


So far there are no reports of Kylie and Travis fighting over this but it could go either way. This is actually a weird position for Kylie to be in. Click next to read why Kylie is hiding her excitement.

Why Is Kylie Hiding Her Excitement


No wonder why Kylie is just hiding her excitement about the new album of Tyga. Travis and Kylie have recently welcomed their first child together on 1st Feb.

Deeper Relationship


Since the birth of Stormi, Kylie and Travis’s Relationship has bloomed deeper. They not only have fallen in love deeper, they’re also thinking about having more babies together.

Travis Is Dedicated Baby Daddy


Tavis has proved about the fact that he’s actually dedicated and completely committed to Kylie and their new baby and you can see that in Kylie’s to our daughter video. Now it’s time for Tyga to finally move on from Kylie.