Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Pictures Of Daughter, States Stormi Is Her Mini-Me

Kylie Jenner is very protective of her baby even before the birth of Stormi. No one even knew about her pregnancy until she revealed it her self and fans were crazy to see her and baby Stormi. To please her fans Kylie started posting her photos with baby Stormi. And recently she has shared an adorable picture of Stormi stating her as Kylie’s Mini-me.

Birth Of Baby Stormi


Kylie Jenner has been very good at taking care of her and the baby. Stormi came in this world on 1st Feb. Though Kylie hid her pregnancy from everyone she soon started to share her pregnancy journey and other things after Stormi’s birth.

Kylie’s Best Moment As a Mother



Kylie Jenner is very careful of her baby and is growing as a mother. Kylie is enjoying her time with her daughter and loves to hang around her all the time.

Kylie Being Overprotective


Kylie has been very careful of her daughter Stormi and it seems she is still overprotective of her too. From a source close to her we came to know that she does not allow people to meet her without wearing a mask.

First Photo Of Baby Stormi


Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy from everyone for the past 9 months but right after the birth of baby Stormi, she started sharing the photos. Kylie now shares every photo of her and baby Stormi with everyone and this was the beginning of it. Stay tuned to see the most recent photos of Kylie’s daughter Stormi on the next page…