The Kardashians have been cooking up some really intense controversies this year, with the birth of three babies in the family, their popularity couldn’t be any higher. Kylie Jenner welcomed baby Stormi this year and is doing really great with her relationship with Travis Scott. Kylie was recently seen flaunting her new ring and it seems she is officially engaged to Travis, or not! Read the article to know more…

Travis and Kylie have seen many ups and downs in their relationship!


Since the day Travis and Kylie met each other their road to a perfect celebrity couple was not that easy, they had to go through a lot of differences to finally be together for good.

Kylie and Tyga had a lot of issues between them!


Tyga recently revealed in an interview that he still talks to Kylie, Tyga’s intentions appear to be very innocent. He said, “The relationship was very clear in front of everybody and that is it. Kylie Has her new life, I have my new life, that’s it. There’s no bad blood type of thing, there’s no problem.”

Travis hated Tyga drunk calling Kylie!


Travis was really angry at the situation when he found out that Tyga used to drunk call Kylie, Travis knew Tyga wants her back but he didn’t know about the calls. So, Travis asked Kylie to block Tyga on her phone!

It seems Travis and Kylie are finally closing their marriage deal!


Since the birth of Stormi, Kylie and Travis’s Relationship has bloomed deeper. They not only have fallen in love deeper, they might have even got secretly engaged, find out more on Next Page…

Not long ago Kylie got herself a new ring!


Kylie usually wears rings on her wedding finger but the initials ring appears to be a new piece of glittering jewelry in her collection. But they never got engaged back then…

Kylie got herself a personalized diamond ring a few months back!


Kylie on 7th march posted a picture with a ring in her left ring finger that represented the initials of her boyfriend and the father of her child, Travis Scott.

Kylie’s new ring has started rumors of her engagement!


Travis and Kylie have been really trying hard to make their relationship even deeper so they can take the next step to become a family. Did Travis really propose to Kylie? Find out on Next Page…

Travis did propose to Kylie a few months back on their vacation!


A source said, “When Kylie and Travis were on their trip he spontaneously asked her to marry him, but she turned him down, for now. Kylie definitely wants to marry Travis, but she also really loves how things are the way they are. She knows she rushed into this relationship, so she’s trying to slow it all down and enjoy every single stage.”

Kylie wearing a brand new diamond band on her ring finger…


Fans are really shocked seeing a diamond ring on Kylie’s ring, the rumors of them being secretly engaged to have already begun circulation on the internet!

Kylie even showed it off on her Instagram video!

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It is still a mystery if the couple is really engaged as none of them have officially announced it.