Kylie Jenner Takes Shocking Step To Prove Travis Is Her Baby Daddy

The Kardashians enjoy limelight more than anyone else and they can go to any extent to make sure it stays. Kylie became a mother a few months back and since then Stormi’s paternity has been in question. Now Kylie takes a really shocking step to prove Travis is her baby daddy and shut down haters.

Kylie Jenner became a mom recently and is enjoying her motherhood


Kylie Jenner has been enjoying being a mom for the first time. The youngest Kardashian has finally settled down with baby daddy Travis and their recent pictures prove they are going strong and together.

Stormi’s paternity has always been in question since her birth



Speculations were made initially stating Kylie’s ex Tyga is her baby daddy there were also rumors that Tyga wanted a paternity test but soon Tyga cleared the rumors and denied the speculations completely.

Recently there was another shocking rumor which made things worse


Fans suspected that Stormi looked like Kylie’s bodyguard Tim Chung and since then the internet has gone wild proving Tim as Kylie’s baby daddy.

Now Kylie takes a shocking step to prove that Travis is her baby daddy


Kylie Jenner did not give any reaction previously when Stormi’s paternity was at question. However, now Kylie has taken a major step to prove¬†that Travis is the one. Find out what she did on the Next Page.