Kylie Jenner Is Worried Over A Major Issue And We Cannot Wait To Find Out

Weight Gain


Even though putting on a few pounds during pregnancy is normal and even considered healthy , the mommy to be is very insecure of her body, according to the source.“Kylie does not want anyone to see her like this, including Travis,” the source adds.The make up moghul is gonna go great lengths to loose weight post birth.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


“She thinks that she is morbidly obese right now,” the insider shares. “Although her family tells her that she needs to calm down, she cannot wait to get this baby out so that she can get back to the size she wants to be.”


Hiding The Pounds


In order to lose weight fast, Kylie is rumored to be turning to plastic surgery after giving birth. Before then, the source claims the lip kit queen is “planning on checking into a fat farm for six weeks” this winter. “If that doesn’t work, she will resort to using a procedure like lipo or cool sculpting to shed the pounds,” the insider says. What do you think about her ways to loose weight.