Kylie Jenner’s Absence From Kardashian Christmas Card Has Got The Fans Freaking!!

The Christmas preps began rolling out for all the celeb families and it started with numerous jaw breaking christmas cards and costumes. More ever the Kardashian – Jenner family’s annual Christmas card aka Krismas card photoshoot was a big treat for fans. The latest speculation in  the family Christmas card – The youngest Jenner daughter’s absence from the card has raised various controversies and we can’t stop wondering which one would be right.Read more.

The Family Christmas Card


Although the family has stayed tight lipped about the revelations of  Kylie fans have put up their own theories.While many hoped for the youngest Jenner to be revealing a picture around Christmas , fans have set their own drama on twitter and you just cant stop wondering which one of them might turn out true. Read more to know what the reason might be.

The Multiple Pregnancy News



The family came up with multiple pregnancy new including  Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian .The fans were all happy and congratulating the couples.Also a few speculations were directed towards the youngest Jenner being pregnant.

Kylie Jenner’s  Private Party


Kylie Jenner has always been a bit private about her life.When it comes to revelations she makes it straight forward and clear -but until she feels there is need to .There have been events in past where Kylie has been all secretive  and hasn’t revealed details to the fans.To know what is hidden in the Kardashian family read more.

Private Baby Shower by Kylie


Just a day after Kim’s baby shower Kylie threw a private aka Pajama Party speculated as a baby shower through sources it was predicted that Kylie is pregnant too. And the recent events seem to make it a truth.