Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard Shockingly Reveals Their Initimate Time

Kylie Jenner has been in a big drama again. Baby girl Stormi’s paternity was a question and it seems that Kylie’s ignorance towards the news has made things even worse. While Tyga cleared the air about baby Stormi being his daughter it seems Kylie’s bodyguard has a totally different story to state. After putting on silence for a while Tim has finally revealed his relationship with Kylie which made the matter even worse. Read more to know what he did.

Secret Romance


Kylie Jenner’s hot AF security guard Tim Chung stood out as truly newsworthy after fans saw the striking likeness amongst him and Stormi Webster, which at that point prompted the speculation that he may really be the newborn’s father.

A Direct Question To Tim



Despite the fact that Tim played shy when he was inquired as to whether he is Kylie’s real baby daddy, sources exclusively told that the couple may have had something other than a professional relationship at one time.

Tim Even Thinks Stormi Looks Like Him


Tim’s influencing it to appear as though he’s Kylie’s newborn’s daddy. First off, he even thinks Stormi seems just like him.

Tim’s Alone Time With Kylie


Tim is telling his friends that he’s been alone with Kylie huge amounts of times in her home yet when they inquire as to whether [they’ve been intimate], he simply grins. Click next to read more about what Tim’s sister and Tyga had to say about the speculations.