Kylie Slams Haters: Says She Does Not Care

Kylie and Travis were blessed with a baby girl and are finally proud parents. Kylie had gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and she really did not like it at all. She was all eager to shed those extra pounds she put on. For this, she has been on a strict workout and diet regime. Along with that Kylie has been trying many products including a waist trainer. Fans were outraged with her use of a waist trainer and wanted her to stop it. It seems that she has finally decided to answer her haters. Read more to know what she said.

Kylie’s Pregnancy



It was really difficult to find out about Kylie’s pregnancy and so many speculations were made. They were only clear after Kylie gave birth to Stormi and revealed her amazing journey.

Baby Daughter Stormi



With the birth of baby Stormi Kylie Jenner became a mom for the first time. Kylie Jenner is trying to manage her work and also look after Stormi and it seems she is great at it. It has nearly been two months since Baby Stormi arrived and Kylie is doing a great Job.

Kylie Jenner’s Weight Gain Is Common As Every Pregnant Lady


Every woman during pregnancy gains weight and even if it is not a big deal for others but for celebrities it is. Gaining excess weight changes the way you look and Kylie Jenner did not like how she looked.

Determination To Get Back To Pre Pregnancy Body


A source close to Kylie revealed that she hated how she looked after pregnancy and would not want to stay like that. In order to get back in her old shape, Kylie is going through a strict routine, diet food and many another ways to lose weight naturally. Kylie recently slammed her haters read more to find out why on the next page…