Kylie Slams Haters: Says She Does Not Care

Refused To Take It Down!


Kylie Jenner recently posted a photo of her wearing a waist trainer and also asked her fans to buy the product. This made th fans furious. A source revealed, “Kylie has been getting so much hate from everyone over the fact that she is ashamed about how fat she got while pregnant,”

Jealous Of Her Getting Slim So Fast


On the recent reaction to Kylie’s recent photo on Instagram people are outraged and a source revealed about Kylie’s reaction to them. The source said “Honestly, she couldn’t really care less what people think. She believes that everyone is just jealous that she is able to get so skinny so fast and they are not!”


Terrified Of Fans Seeing How Big She Got


Kylie Jenner gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and for which she took a step back from the spotlight. The source revealed Kylie was terrified of fans seeing how big she got. The source went on saying “Kylie really believes that she needs to have a hot body for her job and it’s really sad how much emphasis she is putting on this.”