Kylie Slams Kim Kardashian For Disapproving Scott’s Tatoo

Kylie Jenner has been really protective when it comes to her baby daughter and has completely fallen for baby daddy Travis. After the birth of baby Stormi, the couple has come closer to each other as they were taking care of the baby together. Parenthood worked really well for them and brought them close. Now Kylie is not willing to listen to anything against Travis and is totally into him. Read more to know to how much extent she’s ready to go for Travis.

Kylie Crazy For Travis


After the birth of Stormi, Kylie has been going crazy over Travis and is really happy with him. She thinks whatever he does is really genius. As the parenthood is really doing great with these two, they are coming closer to each other.

Their recent vacation to Miami




The couple was seen together in Miami having a really good time with each other. They traveled by boat to all the places on their Vacation. They decided to go on a vacation just after the birth of baby Stormi.

Travis Proposed Kylie


A source said, “When Kylie and Travis were on their trip he spontaneously asked her to marry him, but she turned him down, for now. Kylie definitely wants to marry Travis, but she also really loves how things are the way they are. She knows she rushed into this relationship, so she’s trying to slow it all down and enjoy every single stage. ”

Kylie And Travis Going Into Business


The Tattoo news came into the limelight just after we learned that Travis and Kylie are going into business together. What is their business venture? Find out why Kylie flipped out on Kim on the next page..